Messapps Exit

Please note: if you have any questions about software development or Messapps, please reach out to that company directly. I’m no longer part of it after the acquisition.

For the last year or two before COVID I started to dabble with the idea of building my own software product. Messapps is an amazing company and it has some of the best people I ever worked with. But, after building my first app LSAT Triangle, I have spent almost 10 years building products for others. And I've started to feel the itch of getting back to the product development more and more.

At the same time Messapps was showing amazing growth. We overcame COVID and continued growth after that. By the end of 2020 Messapps was a rapidly growing company that already had an established name in the industry.

Looking at the growth of Messapps and at the same time feeling the itch to get back to working on my own products led me to deciding it might be the time to sell the company. After speaking to multiple brokers I found an absolute gem: Vishal Bharucha from VNB Brokers. I cannot speak more highly of Vishal and what he has done to help Messapps find a buyer. After we've started working together we received the first offer in just a few weeks! This offer was unfortunately not what we wanted and we had to decline.

But in a couple of months another two offers came in. Both were fairly similar. We have chosen the one that came in earlier. The due diligence process started with financial reviews, regular calls and project discussions. However, as the process went on it became evident that me and the buyer won't agree on some things and that might jeopardize the deal. So we've made the decision to stop this process.

Fortunately, we had that third offer on the table still. We came back to that buyer and he was still interested in proceeding with the acquisition. And after another 6-8 months of due diligence and conversations with the buyer by the end of 2021 we were ready to close with official closing happening in January 2022.

This closed an unforgivable and amazing chapter of my life. Messapps and the people in it were my second family. They say that it's a bad idea to become friends with people that work for you but in a team of about 20 people that might not be such a bad idea. As the closing happened I went through the whole spectrum of emotions from being devastated that such a big part of my life is gone to being excited about what lies ahead.

Now that I have completed the transition away from Messapps I am starting a new venture that I hope to be able to share in the next couple of months. This time I will be back to building my own product. And after working with many clients who got investors ranging from Shark Tank to top VC funds and who have been accepted to top accelerators like Y Combinator - this time I am looking to do it properly as well, with investor backing and a top team driving the product forward.