United Nations


Speaking at the United Nations was certainly one of the most memorable moments of my career.

It all started with an interview I gave to Kent Trebing for his podcast "The Immigrant Entrepreneur". One of the central ideas I tried to convey is that taking ownership and responsibility for your action is essential to becoming better. Therefore, when something goes wrong - don't blame others. Blame yourself. This is the one idea that I think helps me keep going no matter what happens. Because when you take ownership of the problem then you know you can improve it or avoid the same mistake next time. And if you can make it better then life isn't that bad after all. So take responsibility and learn from your own mistakes.

The interview went well and we had a spoken with Kent from time to time after that. A few months later he reached out saying that he had a conversation with United Nations International Young Leaders Assembly and suggested me as a speaker for their next event. This came as a shock to be honest. I was young, was nowhere near truly successful entrepreneurs and yet there are people who actually would want to listen to me?!

Nevertheless, I agreed. And soon a young nervous boy took center stage at the UN and tried to share some thoughts and life experiences...